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Welcome to Kernel Benny's Popcorn!

Our 2 styles of Popcorn

The Kettle Series is created using only four simple ingredients. We pride ourselves in sourcing only those of highest quality. We start with a premium Non GMO popcorn seed, pure corn oil, cane sugar, and coarse salt. We then add high heat with our big fiery kettle, the old-fashioned way, using a wooden paddle and some very vigorous stirring.

The result is a perfectly balanced taste of both salty and sweet that will leave you wanting more. And the best part? It is a Non-GMO popcorn seed, dairy free, peanut free, soy free, and vegan!

Our dessert popcorn is hand-crafted utilizing as many responsibly sourced and local ingredients we can find. Each delicious recipe is created between the head and the heart and absolutely no ingredients are prepackaged - ever!

Sweet Cream Butter, brown sugar, and molasses create the decadent caramel that we use as our base recipe to build the ever-changing list of popcorn flavors. Premium spices, pure extracts and oils, coffee and artisan cocoas are just some of the ingredients sourced.

If anyone had ever asked if we thought there was a chance that we would be popping popcorn for our livelihood, we would have said they were crazy. However, it has in fact become a way of life. There has been much work put into creating a product that we are proud to serve. It brings us much enjoyment to share our popcorn with you.



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